Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cambridge Day 12 (Thursday, July 18) Wren Library

Thursday was the second-to-last official day of class. We went to check out the Wren Library during the lunch break.
 Inside, I got to see Shakespeare's First Folio, letters from Michael Faraday, and part of Sir Isaac Newton's original Principia.

 That night, we all went together to an Indian restaurant down the street from Magdalene College.

After an excellent dinner, we went to check out the roof-top bar on top of the Varsity hotel. The sky had just reached that blue-grey color where twilight dissolves into true night, and Cambridge was stretched out below us, beautiful under the growing moon.

 We hung out by the side of the River Cam, talking.

(Sorry for the bad quality, my camera does not understand low-light conditions)

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