Monday, September 2, 2013

Lawrence KS: Fem! Dean Winchester Cosplay

My sisters happened to be going to a summer camp in Lawrence, Kansas (!) the week that I returned, and so that weekend we drove out to meet them there. Obviously, we couldn't pass Lawrence by without breaking out some Supernatural cosplay.

My youngest sister Elizabeth portrayed Castiel, an Angel of the Lord, I portrayed a female version of Dean Winchester, while my sister Lydia portrayed Sam Winchester.

 Sam picks the lock, while Dean and Cas stand watch.

"This case look like one of ours?"

We also wanted to take some cosplay pictures at a local toy store, so we walked across the street. As we passed the pizza place next to the toy store, we heard a familiar sound- "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas was playing inside!
Clearly, we were in the right place to cosplay Supernatural. Or, alternately, that we were bound for trouble, which would ultimately culminate in a bloody final battle. We weren't sure which.

Dean finds some miniature classic cars, though, sadly, no '67 Impalas.

 Meanwhile, Sam checks out the chess sets. Cas skulks behind the glass case.

Cas examines a fighter jet.
In the bookstore, everyone looks at books.

Cas doesn't realize that it is somewhat creepy to stare over someone's shoulder.

Team Free Will finally gets nametags.

Great photoshoot, guys! I had a lot of fun, and I hope that you did too.

Last Day in England: (Saturday 20 July) Heathrow Airport

I woke early and took the Tube to Heathrow Airport.

I was shocked to see that it had been invaded.

My flight was delayed (probably due to the Dalek menace), so I had a smoothie and a breakfast wrap while I waited.

I watched no less than 4 in-flight movies, and returned home tired, but happy.