Friday, August 30, 2013

weird at last, weird at last: welcome to night vale; an introduction

Dear readers, I have been recently overcome by a creeping obsession. This obsession borders on love, enjoyment, and other positive feelings. One might even call it "fandom". Yes, I have discovered a new fandom- Welcome to Night Vale.

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Night Vale is a small desert community, with a small community radio station. It's like a combination of H. P. Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman, mixed together with a healthy dose of Tim Burton and David Almond. Cecil Baldwin, the level-headed, mildly sarcastic announcer, is the Voice of Night Vale, telling you of current events such as a mysterious glow cloud which drops dead animals on people, deletes memories and recordings alike, and changes color (a great way to teach your children their colors!).

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Welcome to Night Vale is a bimonthly podcast of Night Vale community radio. What's really amazing is that it's recorded and produced privately. You can subscribe at

There are a few important things to remember should you wish to take a trip to Night Vale:

The dog park is forbidden to all but the mysterious hooded figures. In fact, you should not even stare too closely at it. The dog park will not harm you.

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Desert Bluffs (Night Vale's sports rivals) can't do anything right.

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(They may even be homicidal).

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If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.

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Welcome to Night Vale.

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(Did I mention that the fan-art's AMAZING?)

Again, you can subscribe to the podcast at

I strongly suggest you do so. To do otherwise... would be illegal.

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