Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cambridge Day 10 (Tuesday July 16)

Sooo, here I am wrapping up the rest of my Cambridge posts. School starting has prevented me from doing any real posting, but that should change soon, as I get back into a regular schedule.
I'll release the blog for each day in separate sequential posts, to fit with the rest of the series.

I woke up on Tuesday with an ear ache, a sore throat, and congestion, so I didn't attend class that day, just stayed in my room, sleeping, putting in ear drops, and watching Firefly.

That evening I was feeling well enough to walk around Cambridge a little, which made me feel better. Here's a few pictures.

St. Catherine College

St. Catherine College from the back

The Mathematical Bridge

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  1. Sorry you were sick that day, but you do have some really nice pictures :)