Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cambridge Day 13 (Friday, July 19) Farewell to Cambridge, Back to London

Friday was the last day of class, and also my last day in Cambridge. During the lunch break I printed boarding passes and packed up my stuff, so I could be ready to leave for my hostel in the afternoon. After lunch, we met in the next-door pub, the Pickerel, to wrap up all the loose ends from class.

Then, we roamed the town, picking up a few last-minute souvenirs.

 I picked up this lovely beret, which I'd been eying ever since our third day in Cambridge.

Then after saying my goodbyes, I turned in my room key and bid farewell to Magdalene College.

I took a taxi to the train station, where I boarded a train bound for London.

I arrived at Platform 8, so of course I had to find Platform 9 3/4s. 

At King's Cross Tube Station, I found a commemorative tiled art display for the Tube's 150th anniversary.

I took the Tube to Earl's Court Station, where I found a police box which was the bluest blue ever.
Then I was on my way to my hostel, YHA London Earl's Court.
I checked in with no trouble, dropped off my stuff, and grabbed dinner and breakfast for the next day at a Mark and Spencer's down the road.

I ate in the hostel's sizable garden, which sported picnc tables and several lovely trees.

I turned in early, for I was to leave early the next morning on the Tube, bound for Heathrow Airport.

Cambridge Day 12 (Thursday, July 18) Wren Library

Thursday was the second-to-last official day of class. We went to check out the Wren Library during the lunch break.
 Inside, I got to see Shakespeare's First Folio, letters from Michael Faraday, and part of Sir Isaac Newton's original Principia.

 That night, we all went together to an Indian restaurant down the street from Magdalene College.

After an excellent dinner, we went to check out the roof-top bar on top of the Varsity hotel. The sky had just reached that blue-grey color where twilight dissolves into true night, and Cambridge was stretched out below us, beautiful under the growing moon.

 We hung out by the side of the River Cam, talking.

(Sorry for the bad quality, my camera does not understand low-light conditions)

Cambridge Day 11 (Wednesday July 17) The Fitzwilliam Museum

Wednesday I woke up feeling much better, and went to class as usual. During the lunchtime break, I went along to the Fitzwilliam Museum.

I was excited to see its large collection of ancient artifacts from all over the world, including Egypt. 

I was also excited to view handwritten music by Mozart...

 And original watercolor prints by William Blake.

I, Megan, and Forrest went out to a nearby noodle place for dinner, hence this lovely bowl of noodle pho.

Cambridge Day 10 (Tuesday July 16)

Sooo, here I am wrapping up the rest of my Cambridge posts. School starting has prevented me from doing any real posting, but that should change soon, as I get back into a regular schedule.
I'll release the blog for each day in separate sequential posts, to fit with the rest of the series.

I woke up on Tuesday with an ear ache, a sore throat, and congestion, so I didn't attend class that day, just stayed in my room, sleeping, putting in ear drops, and watching Firefly.

That evening I was feeling well enough to walk around Cambridge a little, which made me feel better. Here's a few pictures.

St. Catherine College

St. Catherine College from the back

The Mathematical Bridge

Friday, August 30, 2013

weird at last, weird at last: welcome to night vale; an introduction

Dear readers, I have been recently overcome by a creeping obsession. This obsession borders on love, enjoyment, and other positive feelings. One might even call it "fandom". Yes, I have discovered a new fandom- Welcome to Night Vale.

Image credit
Night Vale is a small desert community, with a small community radio station. It's like a combination of H. P. Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman, mixed together with a healthy dose of Tim Burton and David Almond. Cecil Baldwin, the level-headed, mildly sarcastic announcer, is the Voice of Night Vale, telling you of current events such as a mysterious glow cloud which drops dead animals on people, deletes memories and recordings alike, and changes color (a great way to teach your children their colors!).

Gif credit

Welcome to Night Vale is a bimonthly podcast of Night Vale community radio. What's really amazing is that it's recorded and produced privately. You can subscribe at

There are a few important things to remember should you wish to take a trip to Night Vale:

The dog park is forbidden to all but the mysterious hooded figures. In fact, you should not even stare too closely at it. The dog park will not harm you.

image credit

Desert Bluffs (Night Vale's sports rivals) can't do anything right.

image credit

(They may even be homicidal).

image credit

If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.

image credit

Welcome to Night Vale.

image credit

(Did I mention that the fan-art's AMAZING?)

Again, you can subscribe to the podcast at

I strongly suggest you do so. To do otherwise... would be illegal.

Until next time,