Saturday, July 6, 2013

London 5: British Library, British Museum, Victoria and Albert, lunch in Hyde Park, Natural History Museum, and the Tate Modern

Today, we ate breakfast at the hostel and then set out for the British Library. We chose walking over the tube, and really enjoyed it.

The front of the British Library

Newton statue

In the giftshop (it was forbidden to take pictures in the gallery itself.).

I was able to see music manuscripts by Handel, Hayden, Schubert, and Mozart, along with original drafts of Beatles songs such as "Help", "Yesterday" and "Ticket to Ride." I was disappointed to not see anything by Lewis Carroll on display, but discovered that the museum rotates out the documents in the literature case. I got to see preliminary drafts by Wordsworth, Jane Austen's writing desk, and one of her earliest stories. I also read several letters, including a letter by Winston Churchill, an intercepted letter from Napoleon, a letter from Oliver Cromwell, and a letter from Darwin claiming his belief in natural selection. Finally I got to see some important British artifacts such as illumined Bibles, two copies of the Magna Carta, and Beowulf. 


Me by the doors!

After about forty-five minutes, we walked back to the hostel.

Telephone boxes!

The fountain in Russell Square

Back to the British Museum!

Early attempt at mummifying

Tomb paintings for a priest



In the Mesopotamian wing

Part of an old gate in Ur

In the Parthenon Gallery, we surveyed the Elgin Marbles. 


The Rosetta Stone. There is always a crowd surrounding it,

By the stairway

Back in the Victoria and Albert museum, we went through the hall of sculpture and the British Gallery.

We grabbed lunch at a nearby cafe.

We ate in the nearby Hyde park.

Then we went through the natural history museum.

We returned to our hostel, and went out for dinner.

We went to a marvelous Dutch pancake place, where I got the Mediterranean savory pan cake. 

Then we walked down to the Tate Modern and theGlobe theatre.

We saw the halls of Justice on the way. 

Dragon statue!

Old street signs!

At the Globe theatre...

Then st the Tate Modern...

 I saw a sculpture by Alexander Calder

Woman in Red Armchair by Picasso

When you look at a certain way, her lover is on one side, giving her a kiss.

More Picasso

Woman weeping by Picasso

 Outside, in the dusk, the Tate

In the blue light of the Millennium footbridge, St. Paul's rose.

Against the riverfront

Thames at night

It was a lovely night to complete a lovely day!



  1. I love the giant pan cake! The Millennium Bridge looks so cool...

  2. It definitely sounds like a lovely day :). The museums all looked really cool, as did the parts of the town. And of course, the pan cake looked good XD.

  3. I wish I could walk down the old streets. That was pretty.


  4. Thanks for these images and the blue toned millennium bridge looks very pleasant.