Friday, July 5, 2013

London 4: changing of the guard, city parks, Covent Garden, Camden Market, and Wicked

We had breakfast at the hostel this morning:

We were the first ones down so we had our pick of tables, which were all beautifully laid out with flowers.

Then we were off to see the changing of the guard. But first, we bought our lunch from a stand.

We walked past the Royal Mews on the way. There was construction at Victoria Station, where we got off, so we only caught the end of the actual changing of the guard, which was somewhat underwhelming anyway.


Buckingham palace

Queen Victoria monument

However, we managed to catch the band marching up to the gate:

Through the gate

Me by the fountain of Queen Victoria Monument

In Green Park, on the other side of Buckingham palace

We decided to walk to as many of the nearby parks as we could.

Wellington Arch enroute to Hyde Park

By the fountain in Hyde Park

Peeking from under a tree branch in Hyde Park

By the Serpentine in Hyde Park

A tiny jungle in the park!

Tiny jungle from another angle

The Rotten Row, one of the first main roads in London.

In St James Park! 

By the gate to St. James.

Saw some cygnets having their lunch there: and we did too!

Then, on to Piccadilly Circus!

Statue of Eros
Then we walked down to Leister Square to buy tickets. 

Stopped in M & M's World London to see if they had any dark chocolate M & Ms.

Sadly, they only had the kind with peanuts.

Took a detour to see Chinatown

Colorful shops!

We bought tickets at the discount place tckts, which is directly on Leister Square. After purchasing tickets, we walked up to Covent Garden.

Street performers

Unfortunately there were only a few actual stalls, the rest was all commercially owned shops and cafes.

We had better luck at Camden Lock Market.

Here's what I got.

Then we went to the hostel to change, had a quick snack, and then to Wicked!

A fun night in the West End!


  1. So glad you got the Mind The Gap shirt. How was Wicked?

  2. So cool!! What great photos! Looks like you are having a great time!

  3. Sounds like another awesome day! :D All the parks/gardens looked really pretty and that's awesome that you got to see Wicked at West End :D

  4. I loved the pics! I wish I could buy that dress your friend was looking at! XD
    Wicked is amazing, but it must be even cooler to watch it in Britain!! Did they have British accents? ^-^