Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cambridge day 9 (Monday) Down House!

We set off at 9:30 for Darwin's residence, Down House. Bagged lunches were provided.

Due to the narrow country road, there was only room for one bus to pass. The bus that confronted us went in reverse for some time, until finally pulling into a parking lot.

Down house! No photographs were allowed inside, sadly. The bottom floor was a recreation of Darwin's house, as it would have looked when he lived there. His study was the most interesting of the recreated rooms. Various pillboxes were neatly arranged on the table, and chemist's bottles were crammed into the small space on a vanity. Despite the large space, his workspace was compact, comparable to his Beagle cabin arrangement, which we saw upstairs. In the upstairs reconstruction of Darwin's cabin, a holograph of Darwin was seated at the table, sometimes taking snuff or using some of the instruments on the table. Museum exhibits filled the upstairs, detailing Darwin's journey to the Beagle voyage, and demonstrations of his theory of Natural Selection in interactive exhibits.

I enjoyed wandering the grounds!

me by a tree with an enormous root structure (photo credit to Forrest)
Darwin performed many experiments on carnivorous plants. The greenhouse was set up to hold many of the plants he may have experimented upon, including this Venus flytrap.

Pitcher Plant

the garden path

view out onto the meadows from the Sandwalk

Darwin wrote a paper on the way that worms' movement through the earth causes erosion. His son William designed this wormstone. The stakes at the center reach beyond the worms' action, and so they form a measure of the erosion caused by worms. Though the stone has sunk, they remain.

on our way home

sainsbury soup for diner
walked past Queen Anne's college during my evening walk

The Mathematical Bridge

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