Friday, July 12, 2013

Cambridge day 6

Today in class we discussed the way in which Darwin used the latter half of the book to refute any possible arguments that one might have, beefing up his argument as much as possible. 

I got a panini for lunch

I ate it in the Backs, behind the colleges, where I could see punters on the Cam.

Pistachio-cream filled cannoli was my dessert

On the way back, I stopped at the Haunted Bookshop.

Sorely tempted by the copies of Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland, I resisted, but I shall return.

Stopped in an art shop

And found a little craft market on my way back to class.

In the afternoon, we had a visitor, Bill Durbin, give a talk on the Galapagos, addressing the negative impact of tourism on these unique ecosystems. One example he gave was that of the tortoises, which have been decimated by introduced dogs and cats. Another was the albatross, whose feeding ground of fish has been taken over by fishermen. As a result the albatrosses become tangled in fishing nets and hooks. The example which impressed and saddened me the most was that of the Scalesia daisy population, which used to form forests. 

Image via wikicommons

The introduction of goats and non- endemic trees has severely limited Scalesia growth on all islands, and they grow only sparsely now.

After class, I, Megan and Forrest went to what we've been calling the Scottish shop, but it has a different name. While Forrest got a scarf, I and Megan examined the hats.

For dinner, we went out to the Castle pub.

Tomato soup and baguettes 

After dinner, we went out to see Much Ado About Nothing in the St. John's College Gardens. No pictures from that, other than this poster:

Image via

Suffice it to say that it was an enjoyable evening. The actors were quite strong, and the play was staged outside, adding to the feeling of authenticity that pervaded the night. The actor who played Benedick had an excellent sense of comedic timing, interacting with the audience on occasion. We enjoyed mulled wine at intermission, and returned home, satisfied by an amusing performance. 


  1. You mentioned interest in Alice in Wonderland, how about Beatrix Potter, are you a fan? The movie of her life a few years ago was sweet. My Robin & Paul visited her homesight several years ago.

  2. Heard that the Harry Potter books are somewhat different when purchased in England than in the U.S. Not interested in Harry Potter myself, ....just sayin' :>) ...S

  3. Your trip looks so good! I really want to go back to England again...