Friday, July 12, 2013

Cambridge day 5: The Sedgewick, The Whipple, and Castle Mound

We opened up the Origin of Species today, and began to note the arguments that Darwin used, as he began to build his argument by displaying domesticated animals and the variation which one sees.

After moring class, we headed to the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology.

Specimens from medival Cambridge
Comic Fuji mask
Decorative clubs

Then to the Sedgewick!

It was named after one of Darwin's friends and mentors. Darwin studied under Sedgewick in Wales for a month before leaving on the HMS Beagle.


The impression of 200 million old raindrops

Ancient vicious hippo

This exhibit on Darwin as geologist contained much of his fossil and rocks. 

Field notebook

Megathruim (ancient sloth)

After the Sedgewick, we visited the Whipple.

Darwin's microscope

A working orrery, or model of the solar system

Testing the telescope

We ate at a restaurant overlooking the river

My ragu

Looking at the punts

Later at seven, we went up to Castle Mound, all that remains of a Norman fortress.

The highest point in Cambridge

We stayed to watch the sunset

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