Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cambridge day 4: Darwin's Beagle observations, the Polar Museum,Kettle's Yard, Megan's birthday!

Today in class, we discussed Lyell's opinion of Darwin's theory, along with Lyell's early research concerning uniformitarianism. While Lyell could discern that many species were threatened along with their environment, he couldn't make the jump to evolution, deeply disappointing Darwin.

We visited the Polar research Institute, which as interesting, although small.

Exhibits on the subject of human, animal, and plant life at the poles gave background

Scrimshaw made by the sailors to occupy lengthy sea voyages

Sextant used by Shackleton

We returned to class for the afternoon, where we studied Darwin's records of his Beagle voyage, and examined how his observations would have formed his notions of natural selection.

After class, we went to visit Kettle's Yard, a small gallery (free admission) of 20th century art. I think we preferred the Tate, however it was a fun way to spend 15 minutes.

We explored the old church, St. Peter's, which lay beside it as well.

It was happy hour, buy one cocktail get one cocktail free, so we did that. I got a Long Island iced tea.

It was Megan's 22nd birthday, so we let her pick the restaurant. She chose sushi!!

Food moved around the room on mini conveyor belts. Each color of bowl indicated a different price. When they tallied up final price, they just counted your bowls.

Vegetable yakisorba

Two of my leftover avocado rolls (don't remember the name) 

When we got back to the dorm, Forrest had prepared a few things:

We lay in wait to surprise her, and sang "Happy Birthday", embarrassing her for the last time of the night with our loud singing.

After cleanup from our little party, we started toward the Boathouse pub, since we'd heard there would be live music from the band of an osu alum. We saw this curiously decorated lamppost enroute.

The band

Me and the house IPA

live music sign

Boats are hanging from the ceiling

The back porch looked onto the river Cam

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  1. Looks like a blast! Long island ice teas are strong you brave one!! Praying you enjoy every moment!