Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cambridge day 3: botanical garden, ice cream, the backs, and exploring

In class, we began discussing the various viewpoints espoused by Darwin's mentors, in addition to scientists of his day who had an influence on him, such as Lamark and Sir Charles Lyell.
I, Carlie, Kaelyne, and Robyn chose to visit the Botanic Garden during our lunch break. With student ID, it was £3.50 pounds.


Wild Henslow sighted!

 Darwin was known as 'the man who walks with Henslow' during his time at Cambridge, as he took Henslow's botany class three or four times.

The area by the pond reminded me of John William Waterhouse's paintings... I just had to get a picture by the weeping willow.

Mallard family

the other side of the pond

in a rock crevasse, in the rock garden

orchids in the greenhouse
by the fountain

I saw a windowbox of orange petunias on the way back

In Hardy's candy shop! It reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

 after class, we craved ice cream

I got ameretto and chocolate, Megan got gummy bear.

Then we walked in the Backs, the area behind the Cam.

St. John's College

Then we did a little exploring.

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  1. Abby, I am loving your posts... keep them coming! The pictures are beautiful too... Thanks for blogging!