Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cambridge 1: train ride, orientation, and pub supper

We left London at about 1:15 for Cambridge.

It was my first train ride, so I was thrilled.

We left King's Cross

For the English countryside!

Fields of poppies made us all think of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

We only saw a few houses and little villages on the way.

Getting ready to pull into the station!
We did not realize that Magdalene College was on the opposite side of town,so it took us thirty minutes to get from the train station to the other side of town with all our luggage. Our journey was complicated by the number of weekend tourists and uneven cobblestone streets. Next time we will definitely be taking a bus or taxi!

Finally we got to Magdalene College!

After getting our room keys, we dispersed in search of our rooms. 

The view from my window

The room, which I have to myself

My bed

Up the stairs

down the stairs

Benson hall, where I stay

The view from the walkway of Benson Hall

After about thirty minutes of down time, we went to the main college for an orientation to the course. 

In front of Magdalene College, changed  into more suitable clothes 

After orientation, we went out to dinner at a pub called The Maypole.


I got the Nathan's Pie and an I. P. A. (I am nineteen and fully legal in the UK to drink, just by way of a short disclaimer). The Nathan's Pie was delicious, juicy and filling.

The Maypole's Sticky Toffee Pudding was recommended by Dr. Graalman, and it looked so good that I had to try it. It did not disappoint. 

Coaster art on the walls

I and some of the other girls went for a ramble around Cambridge after eating.

Christ's Church

Walking down the central road in Cambridge, we saw many similar statues.

Cricket Clock

Old churchyard

Chimney tops with chimney pots

We walked around until we felt tired, and then turned in for the night, ready for the next day of class.

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