Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Stumblings


These links are articles I've read this week that have impressed me or challenged me in some way. They've made me think, or enlightened me, and sometimes, they've pointed out a problem that I think needs to be solved. They all have one thing in common- I stumbled upon them while browsing the web, thinking that I wouldn't read anything particularly interesting, and was proven wrong.

Reading and Writing

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A Fire In the Belly
 What did eighteenth-century surgeons think of Spontaneous Human Combustion? What part did this phenomenon play in the Temperance Movement? This article from Lapham's Quarterly explores these questions.

Edward Gorey's strange, curious world

 This Salon article commemorates what would have been Edward Gorey's 88th birthday.

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 A suit that can not only allow the wearer to tell when someone is approaching them, but can also allow the wearer to sense exactly where the stranger is.

In Reality, Nebulae Offer No Place for Spaceships to Hide
It's impossible for spaceships to hide in a nebula, simply because they are too faint to hide a starship.

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