Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Stumblings


These links are articles I've read this week that have impressed me or challenged me in some way. They've made me think, or enlightened me, and sometimes, they've pointed out a problem that I think needs to be solved. They all have one thing in common- I stumbled upon them while browsing the web, thinking that I wouldn't read anything particularly interesting, and was proven wrong.

Reading and Writing

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The archetype of  "Girls Underground"
 A post identifying an archetype found in many fairytales, books, movies, and TV shows, this is a thoroughly intriguing read. 

 Death of Bees Captures a Grim, Gory Coming-of-Age

"Left on their own in Glasgow's Hazlehurst housing estate, Marnie and Nelly attempt to avoid suspicion after the mysterious death of their parents — at least until Marnie can become a legal guardian for her younger sister." An NPR interview with the author of The Death Of Bees, a new bildungsroman that seems to be both humorous and dark.

Why I Believe 99 Cent E-books Are Bad for Authors and Readers 
  I've always been a little leery of those .99 cent deals you see on Amazon's Kindle store. This article puts those ill-formed thoughts into words better than I ever could.

Social Issues

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 All the (Real) Geek Girls

The idea of the Fake Geek Girl (aka the idea that most girls who say they're geeks are not real geeks but are just posing as such to attract geek guys) is one of the silliest that I've ever heard. This article points out the reasons why there's not one standard for what a "geek" should be.

The Psychology of the Fake Geek Girl
Why do people believe in such a thing as a Fake Geek Girl? This article talks about the damaging ideas behind the belief in the stereotype.


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When we blink, we're not only cleansing our eyes, we're reflecting and examining. 

In Europe and Australia, a short film entitled Black Angel was shown before the Empire Strikes Back. It was lost, until quite recently.


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