Monday, December 24, 2012


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pinpoints of sleet fall
arrows of ice, to slay the earth

brittle flowers,
relics of the summer past, try to keep
their heads high
but lose bits of themselves with each
liquid dart that pierces
their browned petals and sticks them fast

to the frozen grass
that quivers under its shield of ice
the bare tree boughs
upraised, embrace the stark white sky
strong, yet bending with
the driving wind, the ice and snow that flurry and fly 

a fire is kindled
within a dark house and light shines out
into the forest
in squares it dances against the sleet

a comfort that helps those within
to forget the storm without. 


  1. a very comforting read as well! thank you...for this poem as well as for visiting my blog and your comments

  2. Any battle can be fought..and won..when there is a warm and safe place to retreat to..happy Christmas time to you..Jae

  3. No place like a warm fire in a snowstorm. Your words made me think of the elementals dancing in the snow.

  4. I like this - so descriptive, and with a cozy finish. You can't see OUR grass, it's under 14" of snow!

  5. Happy Day.

    the perfect poet award for week 80, please enjoy and have fun for next poets rally.