Monday, October 29, 2012

the dart of a human eye

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the dart of a human eye
shouldn't weigh any more
than the glint of sun off glass
or the refraction of water
gleaming with a kiss of sun

yet we feel it, those gazes in
the crowd And will always turn
yearning to face our observer
and in doing so, mark them
with our own unyielding sight.

is it the opinion of another being
the weight of didnt wear the right tie
didnt have the right face
that bruises so inperceptibly
or is it something else that tugs

the serrated edge of another world
apart, alien, that manages to scar
so deeply, but invisibly, for where
microcosms touch, another
world has the potential of beginning

I see you.
You exist.

in the gap between two worlds, reality lies
we deny it or affirm it with our eyes


  1. I see you have a gift for capturing the essence of the moment with words! I love that you chose to note the power contained in a glance shared between two people. Very nicely done!

  2. the title instantly gives one beautiful feel,

    abstract and magical imagery.

  3. very interesting write on the dart of a human eye,
    beautiful metaphors,you rock.

    welcome to week 40.