Monday, October 29, 2012


image source

(silent as a barn owl's tufted
wing, it sweeps through the air)

the barbed hairs
embrace the trembling
string, shaking it
into full waking


the risk taken
is one of melody
these notes must find
something more than a simple


fingers face off
racing along the black
length of the neck
hurrying toward the inevitable


(one after the other, waves
roll to kiss the rocks
 a sound of celebration)


  1. This was beautifully done, Abigail! I love the concept of taking a risk to bring the strings to life and create music from the notes produced. I will think of that next time I see someone playing an instrument, lovely imagery!

  2. What a wonderful shows a great sense of identity and passion..maybe we can replace the violin for other modes of expression..but this is much courage it takes to get a beautiful sound out of such fragile hairs and strings..Jae

  3. perfect!
    i can hear the notes lingering in the air ..

  4. Ah the difficulty of string playing...well expressed

    cacophony= twenty, 7 year old violin players using the Suzuki method:)

    Cressida de Nova

  5. Silent as a barn owls tufted wing.. I love that. The violin before the musician caresses it with the bow.
    I may give up on this comment after failing 4 times to type your puzzle.... one more go....