Sunday, September 30, 2012

creative decay

image source

the empty shells of leaves
shimmer through the ether and
crumple beneath the maple
to disintegrate underfoot
leaving a miasma of decay

another crow seems to leap, (really,
she's falling) rises into the blue air
trusting in her wings
to catch the fair
breezes from the highway

captured in an artist's brushstrokes
on an easel (set up in the park)
this morsel of life is flattened on canvas
and a hungry crowd gathers around the
girl with the long-handled brushes

their eyes consume the creative process
of chemical paints,
the color of sky and land
that caress the canvas
and cover the hand 

of the short serious-faced girl
who dips her brush again and
again into the dull paints
her eyes reflecting the
trees and painful blue sky.


  1. You certainly have an observer's eye especially when it comes to the open air. It is a delight to read your words as you pull us by the hand to see and feel what you do.

  2. An audience in the creative process would make the sky seem painful.Creativity is such a private matter.

  3. Melancholy feel of autumn. I too love watching an artist at work.