Sunday, August 19, 2012

listen, the rain


one by one
yellowed leaves fall like
the worm-eaten pages of ancient books
(parched) to the dessicated grass

the little stream that wound through
the cedars has died
the relentless sun slew it
like a nymph that stayed out dancing until noon

shivering in the dry wind
the aspens stand
waiting for the gift of rain
to soak them

the wind is dying
clouds are circling like eager birds

it comes like a stranger
who you once loved
the rain


  1. I worry about the dry hot weather in so many parts of this's a frightening message.....

  2. What a lyrical piece and hearing those first drops of rain fall is just like a welcome stranger paying a call. Read out loud it is even more effective.

  3. I heard your voice too..quiet but made me listen to the very end have such a wonderful way of describing things..even though there may be melancholy you always find beauty..and share it with us..jae

  4. "like a nymph that stayed out dancing till the noon " !!
    truly loved it....still musing over it...!

  5. Abigail, thanks for visiting me. You have a remarkable vocabulary for such a young writer/poet! And violin, too, amazing. Music and writing spring from a common vein, I believe. This was magical, the rain like "a gentleman caller" from a Tennessee Williams play... Peace, Amy