Sunday, August 26, 2012

a different kind of exploration

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the sycamore towers
an amiable green dryad
whose wide green leaves fan to and fro
in the late summer breeze

i sit nearby, turning the leaves of a book
a ten-year-old knocks inside
me with ripped jeans and mulberry stains
and yes, Treasure Island in her pocket

look, a great place to read
she says, daring me
go on go on, it's an adventure
but i am older now ( whether i'm wiser still remains to be seen)

 i ignore her daredevil call
but instead retreat inside, pen in hand
and choose the dry page of a notebook
to wander upon

a different kind of exploration.


  1. That tree is so chickened out! Don't you remember how good it felt when you were high above the world, knees scraped, hands blistered and wondering if you could make it down again? Trouble is like you I would choose the safe option now. This certainly took me back a few years.

  2. The best type of exploration you get older (and yes you are) wise..beautiful..i love the meeting of your younger self..and those mulberry collecting adventures to write about..jae

  3. Almost...maybe your inner child will overcome next time.....

  4. I love the poem. Did you write it?

    I tagged you for the Liebster award. Visit my post: if you want to know what to do :)