Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some children's picture books are truly art...

Laura at Roses and Vellum posted about an article that lists some of the most beautifully illustrated books of all time. I would have to agree that the lovely images included in the article are truly art.

Here is an illustration that I particularly like. It's from Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales, illustrated by Harry Clarke.

  Click here for the entire article.

In response to this article, I thought I'd post some children's books that I love for both their art and their stories.

5.  Rapunzel, by Paul O. Zelinsky (1997 Caldecott Medal winner)

image source

image source

The Renaissance feel of this artist's illustrations are what drew me to this book as a child, and still inspire me today.

 4. Gilgamesh the King by Ludmila Zeman

The ancient epic is told in this book series, but the art of this volume was my favorite.

3. Puss In Boots by Lincoln Kirstein

I enjoyed the luminous quality of this artist's work as a child, as well as his dynamic illustrations, and now I enjoy his method of drawing from many different artistic traditions, from El Greco to 17th century architecture.

2. Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett

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image source

 I didn't only enjoy the detail of Jan Brett's illustrations, I also enjoyed the story of a horse who succeeded precisely because he wasn't like all the other horses.

1. Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

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image source

This book will always hold a special place in my heart, not only because of the sweet story of a young fruit bat who gets lost and has to adjust to living with a bird family, but because of its beautiful, almost transparent illustrations.

So, those are some of the children's books that I love! Which children's books do you love, and why?


  1. Thanks for mentioning me. These are really beautiful books! I love how people are now really appreciating picture books for their art, people used to tell me not to look at picture books when I was a teen because they were 'for kids'.

    One of my favourites was this one about an artist who painted pictures that came alive, which caused great problems at the art galleries. I wish I remembered what it was called or who it was by.

  2. Yes, I think that picture books should be for everyone, especially with the high-quality of children's books.

    That sounds like a captivating story! If you remember the title, I'd love to read it!