Friday, July 27, 2012

a trip to the library, wherein I am mistaken for a librarian

The other day, I visited the library. This takes more planning then you'd think, seeing as I only had forty minutes to spend there, and had ten books to locate during that time. Therefore, I had very little time to waste. Yet, waste time I did, as I somehow ended up in the section where the novels are kept, when I was looking for books on Medieval Europe. Now, when I go to the library, my backpack will not suffice, as I tend to leave with twice as many books as I came to pick up, necessitating that I bring a book cart like this one.

 This book cart actually looks quite a bit like mine, except mine is green, and usually full of books.
I was standing in the F section of Women's Studies, this book cart filling up most of the aisle (I don't like to leave my books unattended) going over the call number of the book that I had found to make sure it was the correct one, when a fellow student walked up to me. He had a piece of paper in his hand, and he looked bewildered by the many, many shelves that line the fourth floor of the university library.
"Do you work here?" he asked.
"No," I replied, not realizing that I looked as if I did, and feeling rather complimented by his question.
"Oh," he said, looked back down at the paper, and began to walk away.
"I'm sure that the librarians will be able to help you," I called after his retreating back.

I don't think anyone has ever mistaken me for an employee of any establishment before.  I feel flattered that the first time it happened, it was a library.


  1. That is cool! I love that you bring a book box with you! I now often use the library booking system to book about 6-10 books at a time and bring a green bag to carry them home in as books I want are often at different branches!

    I think borrowing so many books you need some kind of cart is insanely cool! I am not surprised that guy mistook you for a librarian.

  2. Thanks for LinkingUP with us! Loved reading your post. That's so funny. And it IS sort of flattering, isn't it?! Wow! A whole cart for your books -- that's amazing!

    PS don't forget to grab our SOC blog button! :D So excited to have you linkingUP with us!! Awesome!

  3. Funny stuff! This is kind of what I dealt with this summer. I volunteered at the library, just to sign the kids up for the summer reading program, and people would come up to me asking for a specific book.