Sunday, May 27, 2012

Plotting Music

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Plotting music, he thought. I need plotting music.
He selected Beethoven's Symphony No. 7...
-Artemis Fowl, The Time Paradox

It's difficult to write, whether your medium of choice be poems, short stories, plays, or novels. As a result, this is one question writers are often asked: "Do you have any tricks for writing?"

There are many different ways of gearing yourself up to write, so different writers approach this question differently. Some writers hate having music on while they are working, while others suggest listening to certain types of music.

Personally, I tend to favour different types of music for different stages of the writing process. I prefer movie soundtracks and flute music while writing, as they provide scope for daydreaming, describing, and outlining. When in the editing and revising stages, I turn to harp and folk music(such as ballads) because of its traditional format and strict rhyme.

my writing album playlist:
R. Carlos Nakai- Feather, Stone and Light
Great Composers Series: Georges Delerue
Howard Shore-The Lord of the Rings soundtracks
Danny Elfman-Alice In Wonderland soundtrack
Danny Elfman-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack

my editing album playlist:
Kate Rusby-Sleepless
Loreena McKennit- Live in Paris and Toronto
Derek Bell- The Mystic Harp
Celtic Woman- Songs from the Heart

Do you listen to music during any step of your writing process? If you do, what are your favourite songs to listen to?

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  1. I ALWAYS listen to music when I write. It's so inspiring! I'm a big movie-soundtrack fan too... definately Danny Elfman, Howard Shore and (for me) Howard Newman and Hans Zimmer. I like fitting the different songs to the mood of my chapter or scene.

    Great post!!