Saturday, April 14, 2012


A few months ago, I was in the engineering building of the university I attend when I saw a sign advertising Potterfest, a celebration of all things Potter.
Of course,we made it a priority to attend. I got together a costume of Lupin in his seventh year, to go along with the Marauder costumes of my sisters and brother.

We got to join in with the Muggle Quidditch game. I was a Chaser, my youngest sister Elizabeth was a Beater and my younger sister Lydia (who, incidentally, dressed up as James Potter) was a Seeker and ended the game, winning the victory for her team, by catching the Golden Snitch!
Then we stood in line for the Great Feast, and were sorted into Gryffindor. I signed up for the OWLs trivia contest and the scavenger hunt, and we sat down for a feast.

Cutscenes from the Harry Potter movies were playing(Top Ten Emotional Moments, Top Ten Characters, etc.) and James had to comfort Sirius when he got killed.

I teamed up with some of the Quidditch members, and we took the first prize in the triva contest.

I received a lovely resin model of the Elder Wand, which now rests in a place of honour on my shelf.
It was a really great program, and I really enjoyed getting to connect with other Potterheads!

Note: I attended this function in November... just wanted to get this blog post out on the website! Yes, I procrastinate...

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  1. Sounds really fun! I never seem to find events like this!