Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dolphin Reflection

image from wikicommons

Note: There is one myth that tell of how the Greek god Dionisus turned a band of Tyrrhenian pirates into dolphins after they tried to enslave him. This poem attempts to capture the thoughts of one of the pirates as his metamorphosis occurs.

down into the water
falling slowly
is that a rope or a snake in my hand
let go let go
let the water take you

rising from the swell
something had changed
grapes floated on the surface (or were they beetles)
five days out from land
the voice was singing be not men but water

but not water (i was not water)
but hard muscle thrashing though the surf
a grey reflection of the clouds
but where was my voice
i opened my mouth to sing back

and i heard the voice
not of the man in purple
(the one who smelt of wine)
but of a dolphin
a dolphin drowning in the maddening waters

let go (but there's someone waiting)
let the water take you (she's waiting)
and i can't think, can't breathe
let go let go
let the water take you

sharp knifelike reflection of fish
must catch
let go


  1. I love the feel of the struggle not to change but slowly he must accept his fate and in that change is a sort of peace. Beautifully done.

  2. Abigail your poetry is so rich..perhaps it's not only a myth but a metaphor for life..not knowing if you are being handed a rope..or a snake..like OldEgg..the sense of letting go is a relief..and the tapering of words is like falling under water..good to read your work again..Jae

  3. Very beautiful, Abigail. And thank you for your comment!