Monday, February 27, 2012

Fandom Card

I took the Ultimate Fandom quiz recently... and got the following results!

"Harry Potter": Ravenclaw - "Where those of wit and learning, / Will always find their kind." I have always considered myself to be a Ravenclaw. This is all the proof I need.

 "The Hunger Games": District 7 - Stunning forests, sharp axes... I'm good with this.

 "Twilight": Vampire- Let me just say, I refuse to sparkle. I'll be the Dracula-type of vampire that lives in coffins and hates garlic, but no sparkling.

"Lord of the Rings": Dwarf- Again with the axes... Seriously though, dwarves are really awesome. At least, the book versions are.

 "Star Wars": Jedi - *draws lightsaber* You don't say!

"Divergent": Dauntless - I've always wondered what it would be like to jump off/on a train. Wouldn't mind going on a skyscraper zipline, either.

"His Dark Materials": Svalbard (ice bears) - Verrry happy about this one. *goes off to my forge*

"Mortal Instruments": Faerie- Let's go fight some demons.

 "Percy Jackson": Mortal - Ehh... Not good, not bad, just ehh...

"Chronicles of Narnia": A Child of Adam and Eve - Now I just need to find a door between the worlds.

"Game of Thrones": House Stark- "Winter Is Coming." That's all I have to say.

"Doctor Who": The Doctor - Fish fingers and custard for me, thanks!

"Delirium": Uncured- Yes, because I ran away to the wilds. I got tired of not being allowed to read poetry.

 "Star Trek": Vulcan- Vulcans are probably my favorite alien race in Star Trek, so I'm pleased with this result.

 "Battlestar Gallactica": Cylon- Not quite sure what to think about this one.

I needed my ID card for all these fandoms, now I just need to print it out and put it in my wallet...

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  1. That quiz is SO COOL. Loved it! :) I don't know a lot of those series, though, which is a little annoying. But I'm so Dauntless...and a Narnian! And a werewolf. Hmm...

    So much fun!