Monday, December 5, 2011

joy in the morning

after a night of hard weeping
the daylight comes
like a heavy hand through
the window and makes my head ache.

slowly waltz
don't break the eggs

my terrier howls and i get up
head heavy from sleep
i dress and walk out with my dog
into the frosty morning

up the middle
all together

each blade of grass is stiff and distict
like a forest of pins
glazed with frost and frozen rain
they crunch underfoot, breaking easily

lift up your arms now
keep the rhythm

the blue sky is clearing
a solitary mockingbird calls
clouds are peeling away from the sun
like petals from a flowers heart

high kick
fall back

the morning has brought with it
inescapable joy

in and out
the forever dance.


  1. The sadness in the first verse is relieved by the morning and the recovery process. It is not necessary to know the cause of the pain merely that it was overcome. Like those clouds peeling away from the sun. A beautiful poem.

  2. Abigail..your poetry gets more and more accomplished..lift up your arms..made me hope the sky can hug 'you'..keep you warm inside..beautiful imagery..Jae

  3. The progression from sadness to joy - so beautifully accomplished. Lovely.