Saturday, November 5, 2011

Owl City in Concert: All Things Bright And Beautiful tour (otherwise known as My First Concert)

My heart was racing as I walked into the long, low building that was to house the "All Things Bright and Beautiful" Owl City concert. The first opening band, "Unwed Sailor," played for about thirty minutes. Their instrumental music was rich, almost like the waves going out, and the blue lights gave the feeling of being submerged in some undersea grotto. "Days Difference" followed them, and played for about an hour.
After their set, the stage went dark for about ten minutes. The audience milled around, got drinks, etc.

Then, blue light filled the stage, and a soundbite of falling rain played, while thunder pulsed. A lone owl let out a hoot, and we all cheered as Adam Young and the rest of Owl City moved through the blue mist to their places. Then Adam Young's voice rang out through the sound system:
"I saw the autumn leaves
peel up off the street,
take wing on the balmy breeze
and sweep you off your feet."

Owl City went on to perform much of their album All Things Bright and Beautiful(the only excepted song being Plant Life), along with Cave In, Hello Seattle, Umbrella Beach, and Meteor Shower from Ocean Eyes, and a brand-new song, I Hope You'll Think of Me. They even played Dear Vienna, a personal favorite of mine.
Of course, the perennial favorite Fireflies was performed, with a new intro, and the audience was encouraged to sing the lines:
"I like to make myself believe
that Planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
awake when I'm asleep
because everything is never as it seems
when I fall asleep.."
Personally, I also sang along with every song that was played.

After their finale of The Yacht Club, they retired backstage, but after we chanted for an encore, they came back onstage and performed Vanilla Twilight, and If My Heart was a House, effectively wrapping up a scintillating performance.
(from right to left) Me, my sisters Lydia and Elizabeth, and my brother Andrew, enjoying the concert

This was my first concert, and I would gladly see Owl City again.


  1. i love owlcity. so want to see adam in concert someday. a girl can dream. i'm aalya by the way. :)

  2. Hi, Aalya!Hope you get to see Owl City sometime! Have you checked out Adam's blog? there's a list of cities he's visiting on there.