Friday, November 11, 2011


twilight on the plain
the briars lean in the wind
from the north that
has turned the leaves bloodred

the lightning flashes
and a weird bird rises
its heart-shape face
is as pale as a ghost

its sepulchral tones
are louder than the storm
for it is roused and disrupted
by the wuthering wind

the owl floats over
the arched roof of the house
and the earth stirs
the earth wakes

 the people in the house
huddle in doorways
"perhaps it was the lightning 
or the bird's dull cries"

but the earth is moving
an omen
but for good or for ill?


  1. 'weird birds'..I like how that nestles in the middle of this piece..a real fantasy of magic and thought..Jae

  2. Oh, Abigail, this is magical! I must tell you, I would recommend the movie "Take Shelter," because a lot of it has to do with storms. REALLY BIG storms, and there is a bird swirl that's incredible. Your work is strikingly good for someone who looks quite young! Amy