Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 It's been a while since I reviewed a dystopian book on this blog, so here is a book that has been lurking at the back of my mind, waiting for me to cover it.

photo from author Ann Aguirre's website

Girl15 has always wanted to be a Hunter. They are the ones who are allowed to go outside the enclave, to the ruined world, and bring back food. She isn't good at making things, so she doesn't think she'll be a Builder, and the mere thought of being a Breeder fills her with dread. So at her naming ceremony, when she receives the six scars that make her a Huntress, along the the name Deuce, she is ready to prove herself to the rest of her enclave.
 Deuce's hunting partner is Fade, a strange, aloof boy who was raised outside of the enclave. She doesn't really trust Fade at first. After all, he was raised outside the enclave. But after Fade watches her back in a few fights with the mutated Freaks that live outside, an uneasy trust grows between them. Then they find an odd collection of papers in a ramshackle building, and they also find people who have formed their own community against the Freaks. But when Deuce and Fade tell the authorities of the enclave, they are instructed to be quiet under pain of death.

The enclave is wrong.
The perpetual night that holds the enclave in thrall may not be real.

furry wishes

the sun pushed its frowzy head
out of the cloudbank and yawned

i went into the shed
to unearth my bike from the christmas lights

a faint noise, a rustle
something stirred underneath paint-spattered dust cloths

i take a chance and investigate
gripping tight to the handle of a rake

i rip off the sheets and stir up a mob
of mice (fat young mice) that have been breeding 

in this jumble that is my shed. 
a torn up sock

creates a small nest for
nine sugary pink mice

they squirm in their warm bed and yawn
 taking in the pale winter sun 

i extricate my bike and leave the mouse family
to scurry through the sheets

like small furry wishes.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who's birthday today

source of picture

Forty-eight years ago, the first Doctor Who episode aired. It was called The Unearthly Child.

The show ran for only a few episodes, and then was revived a few years later. No one knew that it would become the longest-running sci-fi show in the history of television.

It tells the story of a Time-Lord, exiled from his homeworld of Gallifrey, who defends the earth in his time-traveling police box, the TARDIS.  Click this link for more information.

source of picture

Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!

cold rain

Frosty rain soaks the drooping stems
 in the flowerbed
its drops drum the pavement

turns a flight of concrete steps
into a cascade of falling water
it chills our fingers bones and blood

and we vote to stay inside
away from the biting cold
the cold that tears our flesh

like badly made cloth ripping on a nail
in the grey woods
through the black dripping trees

a fire leaps
but the rain soon smothers it
and its smoke is lost in the grey clouds

the rain quenches all
and washes the earth
in coldness.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hunger Games: First Theatrical Trailer

Here is the first released trailer for the Hunger Games, that debuted during today's Good Morning America. It is everything I hoped for in a trailer!

Friday, November 11, 2011


twilight on the plain
the briars lean in the wind
from the north that
has turned the leaves bloodred

the lightning flashes
and a weird bird rises
its heart-shape face
is as pale as a ghost

its sepulchral tones
are louder than the storm
for it is roused and disrupted
by the wuthering wind

the owl floats over
the arched roof of the house
and the earth stirs
the earth wakes

 the people in the house
huddle in doorways
"perhaps it was the lightning 
or the bird's dull cries"

but the earth is moving
an omen
but for good or for ill?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Year and one day blog post (Also one hundred and first post)!

Today I happened to glance back to my first blog post (which is here) and saw that it was marked November 4. I really can't believe I've been blogging for ONE DAY more than a year, and didn't even notice. Another thing that slipped my notice is that the last blog post I wrote was my one hundredth post. Interesting that these two events coincided.

Since it is tradition to publish pictures of one hundred things one your one hundredth blog post, I will not break that tradition now.
The One Hundred Fountain in Tivoli, Italy

Here's a painting that I chanced across by Su Hanchen, a Chinese artist of the Song Dynasty. It's titled "One Hundred Children Playing in the Spring" (百子嬉春图页), which I found strangely appropriate.

It's been great writing this blog, and I've really enjoyed it.
Thanks for reading my musings and bruisings, everyone! It's been great having you along for the ride!

Owl City in Concert: All Things Bright And Beautiful tour (otherwise known as My First Concert)

My heart was racing as I walked into the long, low building that was to house the "All Things Bright and Beautiful" Owl City concert. The first opening band, "Unwed Sailor," played for about thirty minutes. Their instrumental music was rich, almost like the waves going out, and the blue lights gave the feeling of being submerged in some undersea grotto. "Days Difference" followed them, and played for about an hour.
After their set, the stage went dark for about ten minutes. The audience milled around, got drinks, etc.

Then, blue light filled the stage, and a soundbite of falling rain played, while thunder pulsed. A lone owl let out a hoot, and we all cheered as Adam Young and the rest of Owl City moved through the blue mist to their places. Then Adam Young's voice rang out through the sound system:
"I saw the autumn leaves
peel up off the street,
take wing on the balmy breeze
and sweep you off your feet."

Owl City went on to perform much of their album All Things Bright and Beautiful(the only excepted song being Plant Life), along with Cave In, Hello Seattle, Umbrella Beach, and Meteor Shower from Ocean Eyes, and a brand-new song, I Hope You'll Think of Me. They even played Dear Vienna, a personal favorite of mine.
Of course, the perennial favorite Fireflies was performed, with a new intro, and the audience was encouraged to sing the lines:
"I like to make myself believe
that Planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
awake when I'm asleep
because everything is never as it seems
when I fall asleep.."
Personally, I also sang along with every song that was played.

After their finale of The Yacht Club, they retired backstage, but after we chanted for an encore, they came back onstage and performed Vanilla Twilight, and If My Heart was a House, effectively wrapping up a scintillating performance.
(from right to left) Me, my sisters Lydia and Elizabeth, and my brother Andrew, enjoying the concert

This was my first concert, and I would gladly see Owl City again.