Sunday, September 18, 2011

white vertigo

picture source

my head is pounding
along with my heart
and my skin is clammy-cold when I wake

'just jump it's not
too far it's easy'
(in the nighmares it is always easy)

and while the clouds
whirl below me
the rock at the edge of the gap

gives way and gripping
bootlessly at the
clouds i plummet on and on forever

then i stumble into the
bathroom splash water on my face
(and the tiles refuse to line up in orderly rows)

but dance before my bleary
eyes perhaps it is vertigo
from all that falling or perhaps it's just old tears

i paint a galaxy on my fingernails
from a bottle small enough to swallow
and go to sleep in sheets as white as clouds

in the morning the sky is an unblemished treasure vault
for the golden sun and the clouds have burned away


  1. Nice use of the word "easy"... and look at that nail paint... I wanna do it like that too!

  2. Wonderful use of the word 'easy'! It was so subtle..

    And I agree with WarmSunshine, I love the picture of those nails!

  3. I am a big big fan of your poetry girl! The imagery is sooooo real.

  4. 'gripping bootlessly'..wonderful..encapsulates the uneasiness in this piece..half dreams..half nightmares..I love it hypnotic..and you focus the moment with the nail polish..great ever..Jae

  5. little moments stretch to an eternity - polishing fingernails, an such universal thireaming of falling..such universal events and you make them even more universal for us.