Sunday, September 4, 2011

song for owlets in a tumbledown house

in a tumbledown house
in a tumbledown loft
three owlets wait

fierce wonders

their tuberous eyes widen
reflecting the near-full moon
as red as a cup of wine

pulsing like a beating heart

shadow obscures the moon
folds her broad wings about the nest
and lowers three stiff mice in

the owlets tear them apart and fight over the brains

mother watches proudly
their sharp beaks, sharp talons
will do them good

when the time comes for flight

and hunting
swooping through the gloaming
on down-edged wings

to bury their claws in prey

soon the time will come
so very soon
she will teach them

to fly to the rim of night

and skim along the edge of tomorrow.


  1. Stunningly beautiful poem. A reminder too that as cute and beautiful as these birds are they are also skilled assassins!

  2. I loved this. What beautiful writing!

    I have read it three times and appreciated it more with each reading. Wonderful!

  3. Those last lines were superb..a brilliant crescendo to a beautiful poem..almost like the owlets growth itself..don't be fooled by big tuberous eyes..another delicately strong and powerful write..Jae