Saturday, August 13, 2011

woman of the seasons

woman sits in the doorway
leaning forward in the sun
her fingers brown polished roots
shelling out the
sweet new peas
with quick birdlike twists

(and the swallow sits singing on the rooftop
of living and gleaning
of living green things to follow)

the woman she hums a tune so old
it has no words, all have faded away
today she husks the summer corn
stripping away its browning cover
exposing its pale yellow heart
and the sun beats down above

(and the sparrow sits singing
of hot sun on the grass and fresh new wheat
and heat to come tomorrow)

the woman wraps a scarf round her head
when the dry leaves fall floating down
it's oysters she's shelling today
fresh from the muck and the brine
she crunches their roofs with her fingernails
and sucks out all the marrow

(and the crow on the tree
cries of fading and falling
of falling he cries today)

woman sits inside her house
stringing dried herbs from the rafters
the children outside are sledding
their laughter slips in through the window
and she sings that old song again
till her voice is faded and pale.

(and the owl in the glen hoots a deep
sad song of resting sleeping
of awaiting the spring he sings)


  1. Your imagery is gorgeous. I'd like to hear her old song.
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  2. I am so overwhelmed with this beautiful poem. It has really made my day.

  3. Wonderfully lovely poem. The imagery is so good that one could paint a picture from your words alone.

  4. Beautiful, I love "a tune so old
    it has no words, all have faded away".

  5. This woman is eternal..strong..she takes us through a day and a year..I like that she is complete within maybe the poet is too..Jae

  6. Lovely! The seasons and the rhytms of life are well represented.