Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pleasure: three haiku

children laughing
beach of sugary sand
surrounding the forever lake

tea with a friend
not talking just being
knowing what it is to be quiet

walking on the breakwall
sunset spreads a vibrant light
sun dies slowly


  1. 'sugary sand' favourite line..but they are all such wonderful things to have in a day..and the sun will always come back tomorrow..Jae

  2. Sometimes the sun does die slowly, and sometimes it seems to happen in an instant! Lovely write!

  3. This is definitely a "feel good" poem.
    Lovely imagery.

    Thanks for sharing and for the visit too. I appreciate it.

  4. Your haiku is always so easy to read and filled with scenes that we can relate to, touching us with memories of our own.

  5. The haiku are great, and your pleasures distinctly pleasurable. Nice ones!

  6. Great to be with someone when there's no talking, just being.