Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

When I found out that Orson Scott Card had written a new sci-fi book, I was excited. When I found out that it was over five hundred pages long, I was exhilarated. Here's the trailer:

Pathfinder is the story of a boy-Rigg-who can see the lifepaths of every creature to walk the earth. Not just current trails, but the paths of dead and truly ancient creatures as well. His father is the only person he's ever met who doesn't cast a path. When Rigg's father is crushed by a falling tree, he returns to the village to collect his inheritance. But on the way back, when he tries to rescue a child from falling over the falls, something unsual happens. Time slows, and out of the ancient paths comes a man... a man who gets in his way. The child dies, and his heartbroken brother accuses Rigg of murder. Hunted by the villagers, he returns home- and finds that his father kept a wealth of secrets... the least of which is that Rigg is of royal blood.

Pathfinder is a smart, thrilling read and Rigg rivals Ender as a realistic, brilliant lead character. Again, Mr. Card has outdone himself.

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