Sunday, August 28, 2011

the muse

the dead brown grass under the cedar tree
becomes covered with fall leaves
the woman at the bus stop wears a sapphire cloak
her violin case is covered with stickers

(I <3 NY + Recycle & Use the Force, Luke)

bus pulls up chugging smog loud music squeals
from its speakers and the woman winces
acorns as big as tangerines thud onto the sidewalk
as the bus lurches forward trailing notes in its wake

( uprising & viva la vida + another brick in the wall)

sparrow flutters from the tree almost
losing itself in the dun-colored leaves as
girl flies by on a scooter her yellow hair
tangled in the breeze her red bookbag bouncing

(art * english & history)

farther into the park a man plays guitar
strumming faster and faster till his fingers blur
his labrador barking at the squrriels that
leap higher and higher into the branches

(twig; nut ^ bark)

boy in a yellow ballcap weaves his skateboard
in and around the passersby white cables
dangling from his ears the pigeons take wing in
fear as he enters their territory

(grey down + seeds * wheels scraping on pavement)

this is my world
this is my muse
this is my life


  1. I love all the little code phrases..they illustrate so much and show how in tune you are with the signs and symbols of the world around..I could feel the change into Autumn..a slight greyness and effort..but also such wonderful yellows and buzzing..'you' absorbing..enjoying it all..Jae :)

  2. It's not fair. You have the confidence born of talent.

  3. For some reason google won't let me post wiht my real account. Anyway this poem is especially interesting and unique. I always enjoy reading your poems!