Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Haven: an antique shop

Wednesday, I visited one of Port Austin's antique shops.

As we walked up the front path, this sight greeted us:

Something was peeking from among the shrubs... a small flash of blue.

Upon looking closer, we discovered a china plate, with two saucers and a teacup glued on top of it, and then mounted to a pole.
It wasn't the only sculpture.

Wine glasses and perfume flasks had been mounted in a similar manner.

Whole tea sets perched, one piece on top of another. It was like something from the Mad Hatter's garden.

The inside of the shop was equally exquisite.

I purchased some buttons from the overflowing button box, and admired the diminutive ballerina standing on this pink table.

As we were leaving, we stopped to take a last look at the tea set towers, and saw this little cat.

 He watched us go, smirking slightly as we walked away.


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