Tuesday, July 12, 2011

young woods

The lithe boles of the trees
bend and sway
the wind playing their
branches like a guitar

No forest primeval this
but a young wood
and the trees haven't seen
much of the world yet

Yet they hold the wisdom
and boldness that is
common to old trees
old crowns on young trunks

Children come here for picnics
running with their dogs
climbing the strong branches
while their parents

and grandparents
sit nearby smiling talking
remembering reliving
their own

wild days in the woods
they get up from the blanket
play catch
with the kids

for in the woods
all are young.


  1. It is very sobering to walk in the woods and realise that some of the trees were there, not only in in your parents and grandparents time but many generations before that. I think that is why I get so much satisfaction in being there wondering at the myriad of days they have seen.

    Beautiful poem.

  2. You have captured the essense well... the endless tales 'over' looked by those tall crowns.

  3. Simply mindblowing...especially the end of lines..
    We disturb and destroy the simplicity and beauty of nature around us...but so much of peace have lingered with us in those days of picnics within these woods, the kin of nature itself..!! Wonderful...Awesome thought!!

  4. I hope you enjoyed this prompt..it seems like a perfect place for you to play with words given how much attention and care you give to exploring the world around you..you are young and yet seem to have the wisdom of an old tree too..Jae ;)

  5. "For in the woods all are young" - capped it off brilliantly. Really nice.