Sunday, July 31, 2011

green chair

musty green theatre chair
its battered arms akimbo sits
staring at the motes dancing
in the flea market window

it's seen Shakespeare performed
a hundred times that tear in its seat
came from Hamlet's sword tossed too far
too fast across the stage one night

once upon a time every threadbare fiber
danced to the music of Broadway shows
shivered to the thunder of 
uncountable standing ovations

saggy-backed tired it waits
fading in the sunlight pouring through the window


  1. I can almost smell this theatre..the raggedy fibres on that beautiful has a story of it's own and you give it much love and justice..I would like to sit there..wonderful writing as always have the gift to show us something new..even in the things which may seem familiar..Jae

  2. a beautiful tale behind a not so simple chair. good hook and embelishment. thank you for sharing

  3. A chair/s like that would be fun to have in ones home for movie night. Someone is bound to buy it at that flee market, and give it a new home.

  4. lovely story, sad yet well told.

  5. Whether it is an antique or just the usual trash each piece has its story to tell. You have described it beautifully for this piece of a theatre,

  6. I can see the dancing motes. And smell them.

  7. Very descriptive fabulous poem

  8. The description in this piece is wonderful. It reminds me of the old theater in this small town before it closed its doors for good. Sad.

  9. A beautiful piece of writing; evocative and haunting. Lovely work Abigail.