Friday, July 15, 2011

The last Potter movie (or the end of an era)

It feels so strange, getting ready to go to the last Harry Potter movie.

It seems that only yesterday, I was twelve years old and walking up to Number Four Privet Drive for the first time.
That was when Pottercraze took over my life. If I was raking leaves, watering the plants, pulling weeds, I was in Herbology. If I was helping cook dinner, the kitchen was transformed into a Potions classroom, and I was trying to properly mix my Draught of Living Death potion. Walking the dogs and cleaning the gerbil's cage became Care of Magical Creatures. I proudly flourished the wand I had carved myself against my siblings in wizard duels that we held in the backyard. In short, I was obsessed.

I flung the fifth across the room and into the kitchen when Siruis died, and stared in horrified shock when Snape killed Dumbledore. I argued against trusting Snape (that backstabber!) with my fellow fans, and read the seventh the night we got it.
I love the movies, although they did leave out some things (SPEW, anyone?) and dressed up as Tonks for Part One of Deathly Hallows.

I still have the wand I carved for myself, in my pencil holder on my desk. After this last movie, I'll still enjoy jumping out at people and hexing them with it. Tarantellegra!

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  1. I enjoyed reading of your affliction! I am glad to have been a part of it! Expelliarmus!