Sunday, July 3, 2011

in the gap

i saw you today
standing in the gap
between now and then
they seem so close together
but the distance between them
is immeasurable.

I called to you
but you didn't hear me
you were too busy
staring into the wildness
of a new future
a new opportunity.

"Don't be afraid to jump!"
I called
and I think you heard me
because you smiled
and hitched up your courage
and made your move.

Whether good or bad
still remains to be seen
but that is up to you now
you are free to choose
between right and wrong
and that is what makes freedom
a weighty burden.


  1. Love the deep undertones, the inuendos of freedom and choices... Beautiful.

  2. "Don't be afraid to jump" you say and in those words you too have let go. What an insightful piece.

  3. Feels like you did let go!! The title is haunting and the depth in each word is echoing within...Perfect introspect..

  4. Very effective. Moves the reader along, intrigued.

  5. The concept of freedom being 'a weighty burden' is all too true. It is easy to follow a positive directive, but when left to your own free devices it becomes a matter of - 'decisions, decisions' - and that is where strength of character and purpose come into play. Good, thinking piece.

  6. Really nicely done. I enjoyed this very much. :-)

  7. The first and last verse really sandwich this brilliantly. It made me think the decision was made and you, as the writer, knew which side of the gap this person chose....and you are letting us wonder for left us in the gap..very clever..Jae

  8. very poetic, superb imagery.