Friday, July 29, 2011

Bellatrix LeStrange Costume/Makeup Tutorial

"She was a witch...with prodigious skill and no conscience."

Ah, Bellatrix LeStrange! That unhinged, genius witch obsessed with doing Lord Voldemort's bidding!
Why would I want to dress up as her? Because she's so freakin' cool, of course!

This was a very easy costume to make-I already had the things, I just need to put them together. This was not a movie replica of Bellatrix's costume- it was what I thought she might pick out of her closet on a hot day.

The first thing I did was find a black skirt- well actually, I found two skirts, and layered them one on top of the other to give the shape of a nineteenth-century gown, without the uncomfortable length. It helped that one skirt was a foot shorter than the other, and had corners.  I wanted a very rich look to my Bellatrix, so I chose two skirts made of velveteen cloth. One was even hemmed with lace.

I wore a draped black tunic but did not bother about gloves as the highest temperature that day was supposed to reach 108 degrees Fahrenheit.
To mimic her corset, I tied a black sash around my waist, then layered black belts on top to give a warrior/punk look.
High-heeled black boots completed the clothes, and for the hair, I attached two frizzy wigs together with clips.

For the makeup, I covered my face with baby powder to attain Bellatrix's signature pallor, and used bloodred lipstick on my mouth. I applied a liberal amount of black eyeliner as well. Last, but definitely most important, I sketched a Dark Mark on my wrist with black ink.

 Here's a picture of the finished product:

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Next time: the making of her crow necklace!


  1. Awww hahah i'd LOVE to dress u as her too! ^_^
    And the fact that I already have hair like her MIGHT help!=D

  2. You should go for it, it was such a fun costume to put together and wear! And since you have hair like hers will make it so much easier! Two wigs in 109 degree weather=very sweaty :D

  3. On a 108 day weather I would still sweat to death in all that x.x but great job, Im going to be Bellatrix for Halloween and hand out candy! I have dark hair so I just might crimp or curl with some major teasing. It sucks having naturally straight hair.