Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ruined: a ghost story

Rebecca feels about as out of place in New Orleans as a Mardi Gras mask looks at an Easter service. Not only is her hometown of New York thirteen hundred miles away, she's also separated from her father for six months. She has to stay with her tarot-reading aunt, who lives next door to a cemetery, which Rebecca's forbidden to enter. And that's not all. She has to put up with the jibes and bullying of the filthy-rich debutantes that rule her new school.
Finally, Rebecca makes a friend. Her shy neighbor Lisette offers her the best and the worst of New Orleans- and a world she's never seen.
Because Lisette is no ordinary girl. In fact, she's not a girl at all.
She's a ghost.
Lisette was murdered when she was only sixteen. She has a score to settle with her murderers- or more accurately, their ancestors. You see, Lisette died one hundred and fifty years ago. When she appears, she brings death in her wake.
Rebecca is drawn into the tapestry of secrets, intrigue and ancient curses that is her new life. But will this new life end in triumphant flames, like a phoenix rising from its ashes, or will it end in ruins?

Paula Morris, the author of Ruined, lives in New Orleans, and weaves her tale lovingly and accurately. It meshes actual history with wonderful characters, and is a knottily wonderful tale.

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