Sunday, June 19, 2011

opportunity is not a lengthy visitor

early in the morning 
while the sun is just untangling
itself from the sheets
opportunity knocks
with calloused knuckles.

so used to being ignored
it's quick to leave
you have to grab it before
it vanishes from your doorstep
like dew in the summer sun.

but once you've grabbed it
you've got to follow through
you can't just listen to it
with half a heart
you have to understand.

it may not look
like opportunity at first
it may be dressed in rags
but it will knock
it's your job to answer the door.


  1. Wonderful title..wonderful verse..opportunity personified..and you are comes 'dressed in rags' have to work hard to keep it with you..offer it a cup of tea and savour the moment..just brilliant (as always!)..Jae

  2. You speak with good words Abigail - that's just grand, and very true.

  3. Very wise words. Love the phrase. 'while the sun is just untangling/ itself from the sheets'
    Good write.

  4. stunning,

    the opening lines is divine.
    keep it up.