Sunday, June 12, 2011

another year, another step

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blessed with
another year of living

the road untraveled
stretches out before me

mountainous with expectations
and dreams yet to be grasped.

thousands of miles yet to be traveled
explored and conquered

'every journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step'

or so they tell me.
it's that single step that holds

a world of promise
the lever that moves the future

so I lace up my violet tennis shoes
and take another step.


  1. Wishing you another happy year of your journey. May it be full of love, challenges, and good times.

  2. I like "the lever that moves the future", a wonderful way to epitomise the importance of that first step. Very, very good poem!

  3. Well if you've just celebrated a birthday - Many congratulations..I love the spirit with which you seize the world around you..and share it with us..and those purple tennis shoes..I think they will lead you into some wonderful adventures..Jae

  4. Yes, every year IS such a blessing! You go on with your violet tennis shoes!

  5. Beautifully written, and very inspiring. Love the shoes!

  6. super brilliant thoughts, magical imagery.

    join poets rally today.
    we love your talent.

  7. This poem made me think of beginnings, so many with that first step. My favorite: "It's the single step that holds / a world of promise." May all your days be filled with such steps!

  8. You are off to a wonderful start.