Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover

Well, it's Star Wars Day- May the Fourth be with you!!
 In honor of the grand occasion, I decided to review Shatterpoint, a novel set during the turbulent Clone Wars.
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"I know you will come for me, Mace... I know you think I've gone mad. I haven't. What's happened to me is worse. I've gone sane. And nothing is more dangerous than a Jedi who is finally sane.
Haruun Kal is Mace Windu's homeworld. Its tangle of dark jungles, stately grasser herds, and ferocious akk dogs are the things of a long dimly remembered childhood. He never intended to return to it- but now, he may have no choice.
 Mace's former Padawan Depa Billaba was assigned to organize the Koruun people into a resistance against the Separatist armies. The Separatists have pulled back- but Depa still hasn't returned.
When he receives a cryptic recording that indicates Depa may have fallen to the Dark Side, he embarks on a mission to bring her back; whether alive or dead.
Mace must leave everything that is familiar, and travel into the the depths of Haruun Kal's jungle- where he will be tested to the farthest extents of his strength.

This book is a pager-turner- but unlike many others, it did not sacrifice the nuances of a writer's craft for simple action. I appreciated this book's vivid imagery which ranged from the gritty streets of the planet's capital to luxurious senators' offices. This book was also packed with symbolism, a good example or which is its very title. Mace Windu has the power to tell shatterpoints- the subtle paths of what the future will hold- but over the course of the story he is strained to his own personal shatterpoint.

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