Sunday, May 8, 2011

May gloaming

orange crayon streaks the sky
trees bend in evening breeze
dogs bark to one another as
the pinpricks of stars bleed
through the canopy of twilight.

darkness gathers beneath the trees
at the edges of the horizon
beside the glowering trash bins
the dogs cease their barking to
howl at the rising moon.

perhaps they remember
where they came from
once upon a long ago May-
or is it a remnant of wildness
only revealed by the night?


  1. This poem is a wonderful read (being a dog man) but the final expression "revealed by the night" was my favorite even surpassing "the glowering trash bins"!

  2. Lovely atmospheric poem. I like your stars, bleeding through the canopy of night - very well visualised.

  3. Gloaming - that's my new word of the day! You could feel that kind of half-way place..a clash between nature and town..little pin-pricks that tell us that we have interfered with the order of things..beautiful as ever..Jae

  4. More than wonderful! More than words can describe!
    A Powerful Poem

  5. ooo !! this was some interesting scene ! liked the phrases used .. unique !!

  6. I love this piece - it speaks of the timeless peace of the falling darkness on a warm night. Made me smile this morning.