Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Girl Who Was On Fire

This book is a collection of various essays.  Together, they form a wonderful companion to Suzanne Collins' ingenious Hunger Games trilogy.
They cover a wide range of topics, from literary analysis to psychology.
You'll discover the real science behind the Capitol's fearsome muttations, and see how Cinna's fashion designs lent a torch to the girl on fire.
Why is District Thirteen scarier than the Capitol? One of the essays explores the reasons why Coin isn't so different from Snow, and how their two styles of government are equally bad.
Why do the Capitol's denizens look forward to the the Hunger Games? Short answer- they're too entertained to turn off the tube.  This essay digs down to the root of what feeds reality television shows, and exposes how we aren't so far off from the Hunger Games today.
Finally, they illustrate why we all love Katniss so much, and why we all want to be on her team.