Sunday, May 22, 2011

between two words

in the space
between two words
I come in
like debris into an abyss
you can't hear it echo
as I close the door
and maybe it doesn't matter

but in your eyes
it resounds
a diamond striking a gong
changing it slightly
maybe it's just a scratch of gold
shimmering through the dull patina
but it's never the same

I find a seat
in the back of the crowded theatre
watch this tale unfold
you gleam when
I fix my eyes on you
and your words dance
it's amazing what you can do

you breath life into every syllable
renew their meaning for me every time
the play ends
and the applause calls me
from this golden trance
I stand and applaud
and you smile

as you take center stage
take your bows
you've earned them
and I'm sorry
that I wasn't here before
on a day when tears
soaked your words
and they refused to perform.


  1. This a beautiful poem. Often when I am at the theatre or ballet I try to make eye contact with my favorite performer. They don't see me of course but it is as though they do as I urge them on and show my appreciation.

  2. Beautiful exploration of the actors on a stage and the monsters in the dark

  3. Beautifully written and sympathetic. Nice work here.

  4. Beautiful I love the first stanza especially. I wish I had such talent!

  5. Love it. Meaningful and a great example of show not tell.

  6. Great poem - you caught the ambience beautifully.

  7. beautifully written. truly captures the essence of better late than never.

  8. wow..the opening lines are so powerful..and the poem evolves the scene becomes clear but there is much to explore here..layers of words and meanings..Jae

  9. A fantastic write!

  10. you write from the heart.really enjoyed this poem.thanks for sharing.

  11. So meaningful. Thank you for sharing this. My potluck:

  12. Beautiful words, strong voice...

  13. That's lovely, I especially like the line, 'you gleam when/I fix my eyes on you'

    -Other Mary,

  14. A very nice write.

  15. you have a unique voice - that is gift. The first stanza rocks!

  16. This is beautifully written. I loved these two lines in particular: you breathe life into every syllable, renew their meaning for me every time.